Posted by on March 31, 2016

The largest free online database of mining claims on public land is now leveraging its extensive resources to create monthly trend reports. “Monthly updates are nothing new to us,” explains analyst and writer for The Diggings, Lizzette Twain, “but identifying what has opened and what has closed reveals trends in mining that have slipped under the radar until now.”

This reporting launches with a February 2016 retrospective, highlighting states and counties with significant activity. “We all knew that Nevada was dominate state for mining claims on public land but we had no idea that most of the exciting changes are happening in other states,” notes Twain.

Along with a monthly overview report, The Diggings is also introducing individual tables and graphs by state and county covering both annual and monthly trends.

Trends reporting will be introduced across Double Blind Labs properties in the coming months. Even historic sites such as The Land Patents receive updated data and newly digitized patents.

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