The Diggings™ is your definitive source for the status and ownership of gold, silver, and other mining claims.

Discover current, past, and potential mining activity around the globe on The Diggings—the largest free online resource for mining activity. We combine mining deposit data from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claim listings to compare where known deposits of gold, silver, copper, and other mineable resources are located alongside where mining activity is (and is not) occurring. Keep up to date with what is happening nearby.

A Shifting Landscape

New claims are being filed, auctioned, or resold through private sales. While claims change hands, become active or closed, or have new actions filed, we are updating our records to make this information available to everyone.

We are changing too. The Diggings™ is constantly updating and refining content to make it easier to access and add new, useful features for our users. Have an idea of what you would like to see or explore business opportunities? Contact us!

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The Diggings™ provides data on the locations and status of mine claims on public land.
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  2. ProductClaim
  3. Total Claims3,712,098
  4. Active Claims358,813
  5. Closed Claims3,292,133